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The Department’s History:

The first Nuclear Medicine system was set up at Ghaem Hospital in 1979 by Amir Shibani, PhD. It scanned organs such as thyroid, liver, spleen, and brain by limit. Since the device was a linear scanner and did not feature advanced imaging, its use soon became limited to thyroid imaging.

In 1992, the first Nuclear Medicine specialist, Rasul Zakavi, PhD, began working at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Later, Nuclear Medicine Department introduced Iodine Therapy for Hyperthyroidism and it, also, established Thyroid Cancer Clinic.

In 1997, a Nuclear Medicine department was established at Imam Reza Hospital and, furthermore, the first gamma camera was installed in Khorasan Province. In 1999, Dr. Kamran Ariana, in 2003 Dr. Vahid Reza Dabagh Kakhaki, and in 2006 Dr. Ramin Sadeghi arrived at the department.

In 2007, the first Nuclear Medicine assistants were admitted to Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and in 2008 Nuclear Medicine Department was established there. Also in 2010, Dr. Mehdi Momen Nezhad, as a Nuclear Medicine physicist, and Dr. Keyvan Sadri, as a Nuclear Pharmacy specialist, joined the department.

Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear medicine is a medical special field that diagnoses and treats a variety of diseases using radioactive materials. Here, interested physicians are trained for four years following completing General Medicine. Then they can work as Nuclear Medicine specialists.

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